The Trusted Leader
The Trusted Leader

What constitutes virtuous and responsible leadership? Scandals have undermined public confidence not only in business, the media, government and the charitable sector but the church as well. The causes are often traced to the failure of leadership. Leaders who dispense with ethical decision making, work by expediency, self- survival, and short term fain, rather than deeply-rooted principle, are not building great organization but rather paving the way for their undoing. This conference discusses the erosion of trust in the nation’s leadership and the importance of ethical formation, the practice of virtue and the value of accountability among leaders including clergy and laity. Participants include the president of the U.S. bishops, former commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, writers, scholars and foundation leaders.

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FADICA The Trusted Leader

Table of Contents


Reflections on Rebuilding Trust in the Integrity of Church Leaders

    Bishop Wilton D. Gregory

The Heart of Virtuous Leadership

    James F. Keenan, SJ

When Institutions Lose Their Direction: Reflections on Changing Organizational Cultures

    Honorable Charles O. Rossotti

Forming Catholic Health Care Leaders: What Matters

    Dr. Brian O'Toole

Leadership: Case Studies in Higher Education

    Carolyn Y. Wood
    Leo Burke
    Thomas J. Healey
    Michael J. Naughton

Ignatius and Leadership: Wisdom for Our Age

    Christopher Lowney

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